Developing Organists' Opportunity - New Zealand Organ Association

Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your organ performance skills in supportive surroundings?

The New Zealand Organ Association (NZOA) invites developing organists of any age who are members to apply to participate in the Developing Organists’ Opportunity 2024 to be held at the national Organ Music Festival in Dunedin at Matariki weekend 27-30 June.

The selected participants will take an active part in various aspects of the Festival, which will include organ demonstrations, masterclasses, and public concerts, thus providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in a supportive and non-competitive way, while also encouraging them to get to know their colleagues.

The criteria for selection, expectations of involvement and available support are set out

  1. Applications (using the attached form) for the organists Developing Organists’ Opportunity are open to developing organists of any age
  2. Applications must be members of the New Zealand Organ Association Applicants (NZOA), either as members of the Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Otago & Southland Associations, or as a Personal member of NZOA.
  3. Applicants under the age of 16 at the time of the Festival must provide written permission from their parent or guardian to participate and be accompanied by their parent or guardian or by an adult designated in writing by their parent or guardian.
  4. Applications must be accompanied by a written recommendation from the applicant’s organ teacher (in the case of students) or by at least one recognised organist in the case of those not undergoing formal study.
  5. Applicants must submit a small selection of music which they would like to perform at the Festival. This music should be prepared to a performance standard appropriate to the player’s level of attainment. A short sample video or sound recording of one or more from the selection must be provided.
    Applicants must also provide a short CV to indicate their level of attainment.
  6. The final selection of participants from the applications received will be made by David Burchell (Dunedin City Organist) and John Dodgshun (NZOA Councillor).
  7. Selected prepared participants must be registered for the entire Festival and be prepared to engage in nominated activities.
  8. Masterclasses will be offered in which participants are encouraged to take part.

NZOA and its Affiliated Associations have funds available to assist participants with attendance at the festival, and all applicants are encouraged to get in touch immediately to register their interest in funding assistance:

  • All student members (whether selected for the Developing Student Organists’ Opportunity or not) may apply to NZOA Council for a Student Attendance Grant to enable their attendance at the Festival.
  • Local Affiliated Associations also have funds available to their members to assist those selected for the Developing Organists’ Opportunity, whetherstudents or not.
  • Personal members of NZOA should approach the NZOA Council.
  • Participants are also encouraged to seek external funding.